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22 Powerful Questions to Ask a Real Estate REALTOR®

It is important to be confident in your REALTOR® here is a list of questions you can ask to help you decide if the person you are talking to is the best professional for you. 1.    How long have you been selling real estate? 2.    What is the percent of Sellers compared to Buyers that [...]

‘Form Follows Function’ Is the Design Theme for 2016

"Form follows function," an idea that Louis Sullivan, the founder of modernism, brought to light with his breakthrough in building design. Adapting existing form to fit more tightly to the new function of rooms is a trend we will continue to see in real estate in general, but also on the small-scale of patterns for [...]

Welcome to Pantry Organization 101

A messy pantry often seems inevitable: a gargantuan collection of food that once seemed to be a good purchase. The boxes piled along the shelves, hiding items you had forgotten were in there, make any meal time a detective situation. Luckily, the pantry mess can be conquered easily with just a few tips and tricks: [...]

3 Secrets to Lowering Your Property Taxes

Everyone likes a tax break, and you may be in line to get one. If you have already received your assessment notice, you may have to wait for next year. But there are still ways that you can lower your property taxes for this year. Keep reading!   #1: Appeal Property Assessments Think about this [...]